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Our company is actively working with factories around the world andour dealersin the regions of Russia.You can contact any dealer at the numbers listed below.

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Our narrow specialization and a big number of suppliers let us create the most flexible solutions for our clients. We select for the client the equipment he needs. The Novel Group – only best is enoughIn our catalogue the full spectrum of necessary techniques is presented: professional washing machines, drum dryers, ironing rolls and calenders, steam generators and steam-manikins, ironing boards and stain removing tables, barrier washing machines, packing techniques, dry cleaning machines as well as hand carts, racks, tabs and production tables.


Phones numbers

(sales offices and service bureaus)

Moscow +7 (499)653-91-51, +7 (495)374-64-97

(office inthe capital of Russia)


St. Petersburg: +7 (812)425-31-85

(North-West of Russia- the main office of the company and the main port of discharge)


Novosibirsk +7 (383)207-53-85

(Region: Siberia)


Ekaterinburg: +7 (343)351-78-02

(Region: Urals)


Nizhny Novgorod: +7 (831)280-96-35

(Region: Central Region of Russia)


Samara: +7 (846)379-21-85

(Region: Central Region of Russia)


Kazan: +7 (843)203-95-41

(Region:Republic of Tatarstan)


Rostov-on-Don: +7 (863)322-01-25

(Region: South Russia)

Krasnodar +7 (861)201-82-86

(Region: South Russia)



Welcome to the international site of The Novel Group company. The head office of the company is located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. We deal with the delivery of professional equipment for laundries and dry-cleaning. Our company consists of several firms located in different parts of Russia. Each firm works in its geographical region. Among all the companies entering the Novel Group there are two which supply professional kitchen equipment for restaurants, dining-rooms, public catering and fast-food. Our main aim is to secure stable work of laundries, restaurants and hotels.

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As You can see the menu of brands is left below. We work with a great number of brands and factories producing laundry equipment. Why are they many? Because such an approach lets us form more flexible solutions of our clients’ tasks. Many, even big producers of laundry equipment do not make all the types of equipment. The flexibility of forming of the equipment set under our client's need is very important: industrial washing machine from one factory in the USA, drying machine from another in Czech Republic. Steam-manikins from Italy, calenders from China, ironing boards from Germany. At founding a laundry it is very important to fulfil the tasks facing our clients.



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All the brands used on our site have their owners and belong to corresponding companies. Copyrights on photo and other materials belong to the producer companies. On the given site all the materials are placed exceptionally for familiarization. The manufacturers reserve the right to themselves to change the technical characteristics and appearance of the equipment without warning.