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8 tips on how to open a laundry

So you've made up your mind to start a laundry business. We have decided to collect tips from our customers, who have already walked the way from 0 to a successful laundry. Of course, these tips do not guarantee success, but they will help to avoid mistakes

1. Study the market, clients, and competitors.

You shouldn’t open a laundry until you answer simple questions. How many laundries are there in your town? What capacity do they have (kilograms of linen per month or per day)? How many potential customers are there in your region? How many mini-hotels? How many hotels with up to 100 rooms? How many large hotels? How many people in your region are able to take the linen to the laundry and are interested in this? Altogether there are about 30 questions. But even when you open the laundry, continue to study the market.


2. Advertisement, advertisement, and once again advertisement.

f you don’t spend, you won’t earn. It’s trite, everybody knows it. But unfortunately many people forget about it, once the business is run. A lot of urgent matters arise, and it seems that the business is working, and the advertising may not be necessary for now... We advise you to open the laundry at the same time with starting an advertisement, immediately after the pre-commissioning. And never stop the advertising activity. Here are some of the recommended solutions for laundry advertising: advertising in Yandex.Direct, in Google.Adwords (rather a branding advertisement), a mini-booklet, mail-outs per e-mail, mail-out of booklets and promotional mails. Booklets are advised to be sent every 6 months to all companies that can become your customers. One of the semi-annual mail-outs should go before the season. Advertising should run continuously.

3. Better a few medium-sized laundry machines than one large.

It is better to put a few medium-sized machines than a couple of big ones. Beginners often make the standard mistake in the calculations: they plan a washing, drying and ironing capacity per 1 machine. For example, according to the calculation of the laundry, the daily loading will be 200 kg of dry linen (all calculations of the laundry equipment are carried out for dry linen). So, we can assume that the washing machine will wash 4 times in 9 working hours, that is, it must have a loading of 50 kg (a very rough calculation). This is a mistake, because the machine with a large loading capacity doesn’t load for 100%, and if it breaks down, the whole process will stop. So, try to break your laundry into 2-4 flows (a flow is a line: washing machine - dryer - rolling press). If the design load allows you to put a washing/wringing machine with the loading of 150 kg, it is reasonable to put 3 professional washing machines of 50 kg of loading. The same is with dryers. It is a little more complicated with ironing rollers and ironing calenders, although such logic works.

4. Begin the purchase of equipment from the information about the service and spare parts.

Before you buy something, ask the supplier how quickly he delivers spare parts, and who in your region carries out the service on his behalf. Be sure to ask what warranty terms are prescribed in the contract. What repair and service operations there are, and how long they take.

5.Do not buy everything at once: it is not necessary to equip a newly opened laundry with all types of equipment at once.

We, as you understand, are a supplier of laundry equipment, and, as a commercial company, are interested in the fact that the customer buys a lot and at once. But as an honest company, we want to warn you that it is almost always wise to buy a full set of equipment. For example, you are planning 3 washing machines and 2 dryers, 1 roller and 1 calender, plus finishing equipment and stuff. If you have just opened a laundry, it is better to buy 1 set: washing machine-dryer-calender-finisher. This rule is true for mini- and medium-sized laundries during the first working year.


6. Look for anchor clients (80/20 Rule).

Eighty percent of your turnover brings twenty percent of customers. The rule is verified and it really works. Many customers of Novel Group confirm this. Search for "anchor" customers. For a laundry, as a business, it is one large hotel or restaurant complex. And don’t hesitate to negotiate, in fact, some of the seemingly inaccessible and stubborn customers will be glad to see a new laundry in your city. Many customers of Novel Group tell different stories, but there is a general similarity: upon discovering an anchor client, they were able to make significant progress in the development of the laundry business.

7. Find a comfortable room.

Found an anchor client, but have not yet opened a laundry? Then look for a room for the laundry, which will be perfectly located: close to major customers, but also convenient for all the others, with convenient access. But first of all, close to the anchor client. You can even search in his building or on the same street. Just remember that the moving of the laundry is a very difficult process and the contract, even if verbal, must be for 2-4 years. Room requirements are simple: estimate how many kg per day you plan to wash, divide this number by 2 and you will get the optimal size of the room area. Don’t forget about wide doorways, so that large laundry equipment can pass through it. Cleanness and the level of the repair strongly affect the washing quality. Ideal requirements are the following: the walls and the ceiling are carefully painted and there are no sources of dust, the floors are covered with tiles or another dust-free coating. Communications in the room, available electrical load, water and steam supply is a separate question. This is a topic for a separate article.

8. Go on a visit.

If you plan to open a laundry business, we strongly recommend that you go to visit your competitors. You can pretend to be a potential client and say that in a year you will open a hotel in the suburbs and are looking for a contractor. You can even directly talk about your intentions. It is best to look for examples in another region, because in this case you are not entering a direct competition. What to do, decide for yourself. But we highly advise to see 2-5 other laundries.

We wish you good luck in this difficult task. You will surely come across problems and make some conclusions. Consult the Novel Group company. We always help our customers

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