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Spare parts for laundry equipment and dry cleaning machines

For our clients' convenience the Novel Group company and subsidiary firms maintain a warehouse of spare parts for laundry equipment. In the warehouse there are: spare parts for professional washing, drying, ironing machines, dry-cleaning machines and finishing equipment represented by the assortment of original prefabrications. In our catalogue you can find almost any detail, starting from priming valve up to electric drive. Spare parts are supplied either within the limits of customer service of equipment for dry-cleaning machines and laundries, or in autonomous order.

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Today the assortment of items being realized covers all types of professional laundry equipment issued under famous brands including deficit positions. In case of absence of the necessary parts in our warehouse, the delivery of the item on individual inquiry will take from one to three days. Advantages of the system of deliveries of spare parts: possibility of change and return of the acquired parts in established terms; presence of firm packaging proving factorial origin of each position exposed to sale; technical support of the buyer expressed in the possibility of installation of the acquired parts by qualified masters right in the facility object; if necessary, departure of consulting engineers to any region of Russia; provision of financial documents proving the fact of purchase; official guarantees on all spare parts.


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All spare parts are purchased either directly from the factory-manufacturer or from official partners. Such collaboration lets us offer the buyer the best prices in the market, meanwhile guaranteeing an unconditional quality of the parts being realized, assemblages and aggregations of such manufacturers as: Alliance, Artmecc, Asko, Astra, Battistella, Böwe, Danube, Electrolux, Fagor, Firbimatic, Ghidini, Girbau, GMP, GoldFist, Hawo, Holek, Imesa, IPSO, Lapauw, Lavamac, Lavarini, LG Commercial Laundry, Mac Dry, Maytag, MIE, Miele, Noex, Pamilas, Pfaff, Pony, Primus, ReinMaster, Safran, SailStar, Sidi, Technovap, Theobald, Trevil, Unimac, Union, Veit, Vyazma, Prohim, and many others. Delivery of original and licensed spare parts within the limits of customer service is an optimal solution defining the seller's double responsibility, either for the repair carried out, or for the installed parts. Such services fully protect the seller's interests, guaranteeing continuous faultless functionality of the restored equipment.


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In our catalog you can pick up almost any item, from the filler valve and ending the drive. Spare parts are available both in the service of equipment for dry cleaning and laundry, as well as in stand-alone procedure. The range of products sold includes all kinds of professional equipment, marketed under well-known brands, including scarce position. In the absence of the necessary parts in our warehouse, delivery of products to individual request will take from three days to twenty days. Supply of original and licensed parts under the service is the best solution, defining the dual responsibility of the seller, as for great repair, and for the installed items. These services allow you to protect the interests of the seller in full, ensuring uptime functionality refurbished equipment.

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