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Laundries at hotels with more than 150 rooms


Along with the growth of travel industry, grows the quantity of hotels of all types – from mini-hotels with 20-30 rooms to huge chain hotels with a thousand and more rooms. However, despite the difference in sizes, as a whole, all the hotels set them one and the same task: the provision of the guests with shelter and, within the limits of the possible, with comfort – so that they feel themselves at home. 


Arrival in another city – no matter whether it is a business trip or a tour – always causes a definite stress, change of the way of life, unfamiliar circumstances. That’s why even the initially positive trips may become darkened if the man faces definite difficulties. Just therefore hotels, taking care of the proper image, try to do their best so that the clients feel themselves as comfortable as possible on their territory. A rather long list may be included in the number of additional services of the hotel of average or considerable size (just to them refer the hotels with more than 150 rooms). Some of them refer to the category of the elite, others – to the services of first necessity.


To the services of first necessity may refer washing, cleaning and ironing of the guests’ goods – this list is always available at hotels with more than 150 rooms. That’s why any big hotel is equipped with a proper laundry, the dimensions and the capacity of which are defined by the dimensions and the needs of the hotel. Washing machines with big loading will perfectly suit for the organization of laundries at hotels with such dimensions.


The laundry of the hotel serves not only clients, but, first of all, provides the needs of the hotel in washing. If it is a hotel with more than 150 rooms, the flow of linen and goods subject to be cleaned every day, is simply huge:

∙   bed linen,
∙   towels,
∙   bathrobes (often terry),
∙   linen from restaurants and cafe,
∙   uniform of the serving staff. 


All these should be washed thoroughly and quickly, as well as they should be cleaned, dried, packed

A laundry at big hotels is a kind of industrial complex in which technological processes are adjusted to automatism.

The specialized washing and drying equipment, as well as the equipment on ironing and dry-cleaning, should operate without fail and efficiently – only in that case the hotel will function properly, and the guests will not face troubles and will have the wish to return to that hotel again.   

The space of the laundry is planned with the help of specialists already at the stage of construction of the hotel. The bigger the hotel is, the larger the premises for such aims is. It should be equipped with powerful electric mains and sewage system, and the main and auxiliary equipments should placed so that it will be possible to fulfill sanitary requirements – for example, black and fresh linen should be completely isolated from each other. To an additional equipment may refer tables, hand-carts, coat racks, shelves. The main equipment should be maximally automated – for example, equipped with systems of automatic feed of liquid cleaning agents.


If the laundry at a hotel with more than 150 rooms is equipped competently and professionally, it will recompense itself in a year and will start to make a profit for the owners.


Other laundry equipments for hotels


At most of the hotels the availability of the proper laundry of the very various level and capacity is not a luxury but the very urgent necessity. Even the smallest mini-hotels provide themselves with proper laundry services, despite the fact that it requires either the availability of an additional area or a definite financial expenditure. It has many reasons. First, in the conditions of high competition between hotels the consumer-clients will probably choose the hotel which provides the maximal set of services, including washing, drying and ironing of goods. Second, the hotel must wash the proper bed linen, the uniform of the service staff, table-clothes from the restaurant etc., and it is not always profitable to give them to other organizations for washing. If the matter concerns big hotels, a proper laundry is absolutely necessary – the flows of dirty goods are huge (here the washing machines of big loading are often necessary). Often big hotels also equip the laundry with the dry-cleaning – it is either an additional source of income or a possibility to satisfy proper needs of the hotel, and, of course, a definite index of the hotel level. 


The planning of the hotel already at the initial stage implies the inclusion of a laundry-premises in the project.

It should not be very big, but spacious and convenient, because each square meter at hotels is worth its weight in gold. 

Electric mains, water supply and sewage system should cope with the load originating at washing and drying, and the sanitary code should be performed. For example, there is a norm according to which black linen must not get in touch with the fresh one – it requires separate tables for their sorting and packing and additional area for them. 

Equipment for laundry at hotels should also meet definite requirements. It should be compact and meanwhile very efficient, as the flow of goods, subject to be washed, will be very big, and the cycle of washing, drying and ironing should take as little time as possible. The processes of washing should be automated – for example, the liquid for washing should be fed automatically. If the hotel is not big, and the area of the laundry is limited, the so-called columns may be used, that is the drying machine is placed on the washing machine – it will save time and by no means will influence the effectiveness and speed of the operating process. Besides washing, drying machines, as well as the equipment for ironing linen, an additional equipment may also be placed at laundry, the composition and size of which depend on the size and needs of the hotel. The following may refer to an additional equipment:

∙   tables for sorting and packing of linen, 
∙   shelves for its storing, 
∙   hand carts for transportation and other types of equipment.


It is clear that the whole equipment should be selected by professionals already at the stage of projection of the laundry for the hotel and should meet all the requirements of just that process.

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