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Laundry in kindergarten

There are special requirements subjected to the laundry service in kindergartens. Parents, giving their child to a kindergarten, must be sure, that they leave him in a safe environment.

Children's health is directly related to the compliance with hygiene and health standards in the preschool facility (institution).

At the legal level these rules are regulated by the norms of SanPin "Sanitary and epidemiological requirements to the arrangement, upkeep and organization of the operating routine mode of preschool and educational institutions. The room for the laundry must be at least 20m2, and ideally, twice as bigger, with division into zones of acceptance and issuance of linen, so that clean and dirty clothes do not intersect in the same room. In this case, the laundry should be equipped with a barrier washing machine, for instance, such as Electrolux WSB 4250H with loading of up to 25 kg, with the possibility of installing without foundation and the use of any type of heating - electrical, gas, steam or heat. It is ideal for washing large amounts of bed linen and ensures the hygiene in the laundry room. This huge unit takes a large indoor space, so if you have a shortage of space, it is better to install two small washing machines, for example, Fagor LB-10 ME, with loading of 10 kg.

There are also several options for drying  linen, depending on the placement requirements. We advise you to install the Imesa ES 10 ER drying machine, with loading of 10 kg. It takes up little space and can use 10 different drying modes. While washing the same type of laundry, it is better to use a drying cylinder of larger volume, such as Reinmaster D25. It will also help to save time and space.

For drying rental linen in large laundries, not only tumble dryers can be used, but also ironing calenders, which belong to the professional ironing equipment. They are able simultaneously to dry and iron linen, pre-pressed in a washing machine with up to 50% humidity. The ironer Reinmaster I 50-210 will completely fit into a kindergarten. In small laundry facilities a professional ironing board Batistella Andromeda VS can be installed for hand ironing.

The optimal solution to save space in the laundry room of kindergarten is the installation of ironing-drying aggregate, when the dryer is installed over the washing machine.

This feature is provided by equipment from Imesa Company: the LM 7washing machine and the ES7dryer are designed specifically for this. They have the necessary fixations for a joint installation. Comparable equipment already in the finished and prefabricated form is also offered by the company GMP: professional GMP 1200 ironer. For the full equiping of the laundry room there will be a need to purchase additional equipment, such as carts and racks.

For the optimum selection of equipment it is necessary to know the average number of linen passing through the laundry, how many staff members serves it and what are the requirements for the quality and time, allocating the laundry, presented by the routine of institutions. Our experts will help you choose the best equipment for specific premises and allocated budget. At the same premises have to be equipped with sewage system, ventilation and energy supply.

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