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Laundry room plan


Company Novel Group offers services in designing and calculating for laundry facilities. What does the laundry plan mean? It is a comprehensive development that includes: loading calculation of the laundry room at washing, drying, ironing, and storage of dirty and clean linen. As well as the calculation of electrical load, ventilation, the plan of the placement of electricity sources in the room. The plan of the laundry itself is usually a detailed plan for a laundry room along with text comments. Pay attention, the given task can be solved only by an engineer technologist for laundry equipment and a professional draftsman..


 Examples of plans of laundry facilities (laundries): plan for the laundry with loading of 950 kg per shift and a small laundry in the hotel of 120 kg of laundry per shift. See below for details. 

What is included in the plan of the laundry?


- the floor plan based on the client's plan with the arrangement of the equipment;
- placement of minor subjects: racks, tables, etc.;
- calculation of the electrical load;
- designation of outlets and chopper switches for the power supply on the plan;
- recommendations for the optimization of workflows and operating processes.

Why you need the laundry plan .

In the professional laundry the equipment should not be arranged anyhow. Each machine has its owns features and specifications. For example, washing machines, depending on the model, should stand at a certain distance from the wall, to provide access during service. There are a lot of such moments and all kinds of laundry equipment have them.

The sequence of operations:
1. Send your request in a free form through this form - calculation of the laundry. Be sure to specify what you need: delivery of laundry equipment or exclusively a laundry plan.
2. Prepare a floor plan, better in AutoCAD format. Don't forget to clearly indicate the sources of electricity, air ducts and the destination of adjacent spaces.
3. Prepare laundry requirements and equipment list. If you buy the equipment from us, you can skip this step.
4. Engineers and designers assess the situation and offer you a solution.

A few example-fragments plans are presented below. Not all the details are visible, but keep in mind that these projects are worked out down to the last detail. The average duration of manufacturing the plan of laundry, depending on the size may extend from 1 to 5 weeks.

Example of laundry plan project for the regional hospital in Orenburg.: The plan contains the following hardware: (The following hardware was used in the plan)


Industrial washing machine of 50 kg GoldFist - 2 pcs
Industrial washing machine of 25 kg GoldFist - 3 pcs
Industrial drying machine of 50 kg GoldFist - 2 pcs
Ironing rollers GoldFist - 1 pc
Folder GoldFist - 1 pc
Trolleys for laundry - 10 pcs
Racks for the laundry - 8 pcs
Ironing table Battistella - 3 pcs

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