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Mini laundries are those where only 2-3 professional machines are placed and a small load of linen is washed: from 10 to 35-50 kg of  linen per day. For example, a mini-laundry can be situated in a mini-hotel of 20-50 rooms and consists of a professional washing machine for 12 kg of linen, professional dryer of the same load and flatwork ironer Miele HM 1683. The feature of a mini-laundry is that the washing quality requirements are professional, but the very load in terms of washing is not great. At the same time international and Russian experience shows that the use of household washing machines is not acceptable. By the way, the mini-hotels are very common in the territory of the southern regions of Russia (the city of Sochi, the Black Sea coast).


Mini-hotels in cities and towns are very popular for tourists, however the competition in this area is quite high. Therefore, despite the fact that financially, for mini-hotels can be advantageous to wash in the laundry, the need to have such laundry is dictated by the market directly in the establishment. The opportunity to order the service of washing clothes is very important for customers (active urban vacation implies the need to frequently change or wash clothes), and the owners of even a small hotels with 30 rooms have to keep this in mind.

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When designing a laundry in mini-hotels the most important issue is the availability of additional space for its placement. The more estimated washing volume is, the bigger space must be available, however practically, mini-hotels make the premises size to be possible at 30-50m2 without any problems. Such premises allow you to fulfill the requirements of SanPin (Russian sanitary requirements, for example, according to these requirements, dirty and already washed clothes should not touch each other), as well as to organize the work of laundry with maximum convenience and efficiency. Precisely, drainage and water supply should be present in the laundry, too. Electrical networks have to cope with arising load and fire safety requirements should be performed. 

The performance of laundry of the mini-hotel is calculated from the following factors:

•    «stars» of the hotel, that is, its level,
•    rooms quantity,
•    the availability of terry linen in the rooms,
•    rate of linen changing (timing),
•    the number of staff uniforms,
•    the presence or absence of restaurant and table linen,
•    the duration of the work shift of the laundry

For such calculations special norms and coefficients are used, and also the resources of power grid, water supply and sewerage are taken into account.Accordingly, a choice of washing and drying machines , is carried out, and additionally cooling units and packaging equipment. Sometimes, when the size of the laundry is enough, auxiliary equipment is also installed (scales, tables for sorting linen, racks and carts or hangers).  

Such laundry equipment for mini-hotels must be compact, designed for a small load, but at the same time productive.

In the case of very small laundry facilities specialized washer-dryer column is used (a washing machine in the bottom and a drying one on top), designed for a small load, such column is widely owned by many manufacturers of such equipment for laundries.. 

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Despite the fact that the equipment cost for laundry is high enough, these costs are pay off in about a year. The mini-hotel saves money due to its own laundry and profits by providing washing and drying services for the clients. It also increases the attractiveness of a mini-hotel on the whole..

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