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Tunnel washing machines

In the world of professional laundering it is accepted to divide the level of professional laundry by capacity of linen that is washed per 1 shift (the shift lasts 12 hours a day). If the laundry washes up to 150 kg of linen per shift, it is considered to be a mini-laundry. The washing of 150-500 kg a day is a professional medium-sized laundry, for example, in a small-sized hotel. In a large hotel there is laundry equipment with the load of 350-1000 kg of dry linen per shift. A large outsource laundry washes 1000-5000 kg of dry linen per 1 shift. After 8-10 thousand kg of linen starts the level of a laundry complex.

Let's look at an example of a large laundry at а hotel with laundry load of 1,200 kg of linen per shift. What equipment is there in such a laundry? If 1 cycle of washing and drying takes 2.5 hours and the shift lasts for 12 hours, then 4-5 washing cycles can be done per 1 shift. That is, at the same amount of time you can wash and dry laundry volume of 300-400 kg of linen. In order to wash such amount, it is necessary to install 4 professional washing machines with 100 kilograms of load each. The following is also required: professional tumble dryers - 4 pieces with 100 kg of load each; one-roller calender, 3000 mm wide - 1 piece; other ironing equipment.

What to do if you want to wash 4000-10000 kilograms of linen per shift? You can continue to complete the laundry with a large amount of machines. But there is an alternative, such as the installation of a tunnel washing machine. What is it? The industrial tunnel washing machine is a multi-cell machine with continuous washing, which is able to wash 500-2000 kg of linen per hour. The machine takes a lot of space, is controlled via computers and comes with different drying and ironing machines, because it can carry out only one operation - washing the linen. At the end of the tunnel there is often a press, which removes moisture from the linen.

tunnel washer scheme 

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What we can offer

The Novel Group company offers services for calculation, design and order of tunnel machines. We are a dealer of 4 largest manufacturers of such machines from Europe and only 2 from China. Our company can make calculation of a continuous laundry to calculate the power and choose the right equipment. The designing of the main assembly of the laundry complex will be done by the manufacturer. We, on our part, will provide delivery, installation, setting and training. After the main stage, we will provide maintenance, delivery of spare parts and repairs.

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Tunnel washing machine delivery, how the work is done

1. Contact us with a request

Ideally, it should be understood how many kilograms of linen you plan to wash in an hour and a day, of what type of linen, what washing requirements you have, the plan of the room. The room, by the way, must to be large - 250-1000 m2.

2. We make calculations together with the manufacturer

In the process of calculating the manufacturer company and Novel Group generates a list of the best equipment. As a rule, such laundry facility requires a large tunnel washing machine of 4-10 units (sections), machinery for linen supply, transporters, several separate dryers, ironing calenders and folding machines

3. Matching of the floor plan and the equipment list

It is a very important step, after which the delivery contract is signed. However, in the case of tunneling machines, all steps are complex. The period of time from the client's appeal to the delivery lasts about 6-10 months.

4. Delivery of the tunnel machine

The delivery of parts is carried out in containers that are taken from the port of St. Petersburg to the site in vans. As a rule, the whole set is placed in 2-3 containers (40 feet). There are no complications by the delivery; most importantly the room should be fully prepared for the installation (electricity, light, drainage, air and steam supply, etc).

5. Installation and training

Immediately after installation, which takes 2 weeks, starts the training, and the launching of machines is carried out. As a rule, we recommend that you start the learning process with the theory and record all the steps in a video to make it easier to carry out further training of the personnel with the adjusted routine.

6. Service and delivery of spare parts 

The constant operability of the complex is very important when operating a laundry complex. Failure is not acceptable. Therefore, we advise to keep your own small service crew. But if our service partner is available in your region, you can easily make do with its work. It is important to strictly adhere to all service intervals.

The tunnel washing machine -is an extra-large automatic washing machine with an ongoing process of washing, during which dirty linen is loaded from one side of the machine, and the clean linen is unloaded from the other. This type of machines serves as a natural development of technology of professional washing machines, but there is similarity only in the assembly, whereas the general principle of operation is quite different. The main difference lies in the fact that conventional professional washing machines, as well as conventional household appliances, work  in cycles (the loading and unloading of the machine is carried out before and after the cycle), and the tunnel washing machine, in turn, works on the principle of the conveyor.



The cost of the tunnel washing machine is a complex question. We can only give guidance on the price: the simplest machine of 5 sections is worth 180-240 thousand Euros. But the tunneling machine set consists of many auxiliary machines, making the lower value limit close to 400 thousand Euros. The higher value limit of the laundry complex can easily exceed 2.5 million Euros.

Tunnel washing machines are usually installed in large laundry complexes, that provide services for construction companies or, for example, military units. The benefit of this type of machines, in this case, is evident.

Tunnel laundry machines are highly reliable and do not require frequent maintenance, because they have a simple and thoughtful design without any unnecessarily complex elements. An important feature of the tunneling machines is water saving and the ability to put water into the cycle, which reduces the damage to the environment.

Of all the varieties of laundry equipment manufacturers only a few companies are involved in the production of tunnel machines. Among the companies producing this type of machines are the following: Girbau, Kannegiesser, Lavatec, Fratelli Rosa, Goudkuil, Jensen, Milnor, and others. It should be noted that in contrast to the production of other types of laundry equipment, the production of tunnel machines is a more technologically complex process, which significantly requires more time. Typically, tunnel washing machines are manufactured to order.

The Novel Group company delivers tunnel laundry machines and can also complete the tunnel machine for the needs of the laundry complex. Call us and our managers will advise you on the order of the tunnel washing machine.

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