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We know for sure that when purchasing laundry equipment and dry-cleaning machines it is better to work with Novel Group. Why?


1. Huge experience
The experience in the field of professional laundry equipment is extremely important. Experience in deliveries, repairs. We are not a big company, we do not inflate staff. We put emphasis on experienced specialists, we work with the best.


2. Wide assortment of equipment
We do not stop on 5-8 brands as many competitors do. The work with tens of factories lets us form flexible decisions for our clients. These decisions correspond to our clients' tasks at most.


3. Warranty service
Formally guarantee works are offered everywhere. In practice, it may last for months. Guarantee liabilities, speed of reaction, speed of spare parts delivery, Novel Group describes all this in the contract and realizes clearly within the time limit.


4. Very reasonable low prices
The main part of our deliveries comes directly from factories. Delivery channels are long adjusted which brings down the cost at each stage of delivery. One more reason is that we supply a number of professional washing machines of budget manufacturers to Russia.


5. Own customer service
Customer service is realized by a few specialists of laundry equipment repair. Their main task is the installation of the equipment, service, work on guarantee and repair. The specialists have undergone trainings, are certified and experienced.


6. Our own spare parts warehouse
Everything is simple here. Big factories supply us with spare parts as a reserve. This reasonable practice lets us provide our clients with the needed spare part in a few days, which are necessary for delivery throughout Russia.


7. Complex services: delivery and installation of the equipment
We take care of all the works that are necessary for our clients. Projection of laundry, calculation of loading, selection of the equipment, delivery, installation, customer service, delivery of spare parts for the laundry equipment and repair.

8. Flexible payment system
Our clients are legal entities. Flexibility is very important in business. Flexibility in matters of delivery and service, kitting and payment. Say what you need and our managers will prepare a variant of delivery with convenient conditions for both parties.
Apply to Novel Group and you will get a high-quality laundry equipment by reasonable prices and rather convenient conditions. Novel Group company works all over Russia. The headquarters is in Saint-Petersburg. Our main offices are located in Moscow, Novosibirsk, Ekaterinburg, Kazan and Rostov-on-Don.

All the brands used on our site have their owners and belong to corresponding companies. Copyrights on photo and other materials belong to the producer companies. On the given site all the materials are placed exceptionally for familiarization. The manufacturers reserve the right to themselves to change the technical characteristics and appearance of the equipment without warning.