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The Novel Group company is delivery, installation and service of industrial laundry equipment of western production for organization of uninterrupted operation of dry-cleanings and laundries. The huge experience of successful work lets us say that we are the only company in the Russian Federation able to provide efficiently a full complex of services in this field. Our offer is oriented on owners of laundries and dry-cleanings, who wish to have at their disposal production washing equipment of new generation. Meanwhile, such services will be of great interest for those who have just started a proper business, which will quickly rise to a level of a competitive profitable project with our help.


What do we offer?


Sale of washing and auxiliary equipments, presented by a wide assortment of various models, providing a full cycle of operation of modern laundries and dry-cleanings (washing machines, centrifuges, drying machines, ironing rolls and calenders);

qualified installation, including optimal planning, connection and testing;

competent consulting and useful advices regarding the right exploitation of the equipment of concrete models;

technically competent service in guarantee and post-guarantee period, excluding unproductive demurrages of the defective equipment;

exact diagnostics and effective repair of the whole line of the equipment being supplied with the use of firm parts recommended by the manufacturer;

efficient demounting of the washing equipment.

Our company works in all the regions of the Russian Federation, supplying and servicing equipment for laundries and dry-cleanings.


It is also worth noting that by trusting the delivery, installation and service of the washing machine of our company you concentrate the whole responsibility for the uninterrupted operation of the equipment on a single legal entity, which excludes the manufacturer's any reference on factorial defect or improper installation.


The Novel Group is an exceptional reliability of the operation of the laundry equipment. With the help of our technical and information support your business will function like a good Swiss watch, and all the expenses on maintenance will be iteratively compensated at the expense of high productivity and absence of demurrages at the enterprise.

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